Leader Essentials Be Free: Leader Resources--SENT BY EMAIL

In January 2018, First Place 4 Health developed materials to support their bible study, Be Free written by Gari Meacham.  The resources include a comprehensive Session Outline for the Be Free 12-week bible study, a schedule of the 12-week session to share with your group members, a Live It Plan Guide for Often, Occasional and Seldom food selection to share with your group members, and four videos to share during group meetings. The Session Outline includes weekly Wellness Spotlights, weekly Wellness Challenges, and suggested Homework using the First Place 4 Health Member Kit materials.  The four videos include interviews with author Gari Meacham. 

The schedule references the materials included in our Member Kit.  Wellness Journey of a Lifetime by Vicki Heath replaced First Place 4 Health by Carole Lewis in the fall of 2015.  If the Member Kit predates October 2015, your group members may wish to purchase Wellness Journey of a Lifetime from our online store or download at Amazon.com.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with downloadable links on the next business day.

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Resources Included:

Be Free Session Outline with fundamental aspects of the program, organized in chronological order.  Each week’s homework, Wellness Spot Light, and Wellness Challenge align with the Be Free Bible Study to be used by the leader.

Be Free Schedule listing the Weekly Agenda, Wellness Spotlight, Wellness Challenge, and Homework to be shared with your group members.

Live It Plan Guide for Often, Occasional and Seldom foods.  A one-page resource for the Live It Plan, used in conjunction with the Member Guide and Live It Tracker to be shared with your member.

Be Free Support Videos

o   Video 1: Welcome to Be Free

o   Video 2: If I love Jesus, why do I keep choosing food?

o   Video 3:  Obedience isn’t a curse

o   Video 4:  Time to Celebrate