Get Started

There are two ways to become a First Place 4 Health member:

What do I need?

All members need a First Place 4 Health Member's Kit and Bible Study. Members who have purchased a kit will need a new Bible study each session. Your leader will choose the Bible study for each session.

If you want to help start a new group, you need a Group Starter Kit.

Who can be a First Place 4 Health leader?

The First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit includes detailed instructions on how to set up and start a First Place 4 Health group. The First Place 4 Health Leader's Guide contains everything you need to confidently lead your group to a life of healthy balance. In this essential reference guide, you’ll find practical and easy-to-follow lesson plans, document samples, reproducible forms and everything you need to set up the program. Additional leadership training is also available at Live Life and First Place 4 Health Live! events around the country, Area Training Meetings, Summit and Wellness Weeks. Come see us at the following events:

Would you like to host an event in your area?  Contact Lisa Lewis at for information.

Where do I get support?

We accomplish this through a huge volunteer team of a handful of Regional Team Leaders who each oversee multiple states, dozens of Networking Leaders who oversee defined areas of states, and thousands of Local Leaders who lead First Place 4 Health groups. These men and women are the ones who respond to the need for Christ-centered weight-loss and wellness in their community. The First Place 4 Health Network would not exist if not for the dedicated work of these volunteers.  To find a Regional Team Leader or Networking Leader for your area, go here: Networking Leaders