Events Webinar: Good Eats on the Cheap

Monday, September 17th, 20188:00 PM – 9:00 PM


We moved this Webinar to September 17th (Originally scheduled for Sept 10th)

When you have a tight budget, meal planning and grocery shopping has its challenges. When you have a tight budget and you're dedicated to eating healthy foods, it's even trickier.  Join Lisa Lewis, author of Healthy Happy Cooking, as she shows us a few tricks and tips for Good Eats on the Cheap.


Lisa Lewis is the author of Healthy Happy Cooking and Deliciously Happy.  Her cooking skills have been a part of First Place for Health wellness weeks and other events for many years. She provided recipes for 13 of the First Place for Health Bible studies and is a contributing author in Better Together and Healthy Holiday Living. She partners with community networks, including the Real Food Project, to bring healthy cooking classes to low-income areas. She is dedicated to bringing people together around the dinner table with healthy, delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Lisa lives in Galveston and is married to John. They have three children: Tal, Hunter and Harper.  Visit for more delicious inspiration.

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